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Is Pure Water Important to you?........

Is Pure Water Important to you?........
Is pure water important to you? Then we have the solution for all your needs from the whole of house to mobile homes and boats. Make well water, irrigation or river water safe and pure enough to drink. ... Poor quality water can also result in serious life threatening illnesses and also cause ear and eye infections and aggravate skin problems like eczema so why not bathe and shower in pure clean water instead. ... Mains water suppliers use chemicals to kill the bacteria so this is left in your drinking water making it unpleasant to drink. ... Water from a well or delivered by truck could contain a multitude of unpleasant and possibly lethal elements. This may not always be present and can vary at any time due to other pollutants. ... When reservoirs are low more pollutants are confined too a smaller quantity of water so either greater quantities of chemicals are used to combat this or there is not enough used to deal with the contamination. ... The solutions to all these problems have been solved by the unique matrix system developed by General Ecology. The structured matrix purification system rated at 0.1 micron retention is unsurpassed and independently certified to remove cysts, bacteria and viruses. These purifiers also remove a wide range of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, chlorine, foul tastes, foul odours and colour so making your drinking water delicious, refreshing and safe. ... The General Ecology system uses no electricity or chemicals and is easy to install and is maintenance free. Therefore purify your water don�t risk just filtering. ...

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